Michaeljon, Woodworker
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Thanks for visiting my website.    

I specialize in designing and building furniture to meet my clients' needs.
I work in concert with my wonderful customers to develop furniture that "fits". Furniture is very personal -- We live on it and in it everyday.  It touches us, cradles us, rocks us, comforts us and brings us together.  Often, we pass it onto our children and grandchildren so they may enjoy it.  

Because of the special place furniture has in our lives, it is incumbent upon me as a studio furnituremaker, to create works of enduring design and lasting quality that my clients will treasure for generations to come.

My award-winning work may be found in museums and galleries, as well as private collections throughout the United States, U.K., and Japan.  

Please check back in mid-2016 for updates on my move and whereabouts.  

Michael J. Flores
Michaeljon, Woodworker